Adding a citizenship question to the census would harm immigrant communities for decades to come.

The goal of the census is to collect an accurate count of residents. Experts worry that adding a question about citizenship would scare many immigrants from responding. The effect would be an undercount of immigrant communities, which could skew their political representation and cause them to lose out on federal funding, including for health care programs.

A citizenship question has not been on the U.S. census since 1950.

Code Switch, NPR

Asking about citizenship on the census targets immigrants.

The Trump-Pence administration’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies have created a climate of fear among immigrants, who may avoid participating just to stay under the radar.

Donna Lieberman's story

The Trump administration is shamelessly weaponizing the census to wage its war on communities of color, immigrants and the poor.

Donna Lieberman

NY ACLU Executive Director

Who’s Behind the 2020 Census Question on Citizenship?

These key players are working to target immigrants on the 2020 census with a new question asking for citizenship status.

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