The rule would create confusing administrative burdens for insurers and consumers alike when it comes to accessing health coverage for abortion

The administration wants to put the rule in effect for 2019 coverage. If implemented, it would make it almost impossible for health insurance plans in ACA marketplaces to cover abortion. By the administration’s own account, nearly 1.3 million people could potentially lose abortion coverage.

Without insurance coverage, an in-clinic abortion in the first trimester can cost up to $1,500.

Planned Parenthood

Women across the country could lose access to coverage that includes abortion.

When health insurance plans cover pregnancy and childbirth but not abortion, women’s options are unfairly limited. About 1.3 million people are enrolled in health plans that cover abortions and would be affected by the policy change.

I was fortunate... I was lucky to have access to the procedure and really lucky to have insurance cover it.


A mother in her early 20s who had an abortion

Who’s Behind Restrictions on Abortion Coverage?

These key players are working to end health insurance coverage for abortion.

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