Trump is filling courts across the country with judges who won’t uphold our rights and freedoms

One of the most important powers of the president is nominating federal judges. Trump inherited over 100 open judgeships when he took office, and he’s using this opportunity to pack the nation’s courts with judges who have long records of restricting rights, including reproductive rights and health care access.

91% of Trump’s nominees are white, and 81% are male.

Associated Press

Federal judges hold lifetime appointments — which means Trump’s nominees could impact our rights and freedoms for generations

Trump set a record for confirming the most federal appeals judges in a president’s first year. His picks are also relatively young, so they’ll likely spend a long time on the bench.

[Trump’s judicial nominees] turn the clock back on years of work and effort that went into promoting judicial diversity.

Kristen Clarke

President, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Who's behind controversial judicial nominees?

President Trump is rapidly filling the courts with judges whose rulings could restrict our rights and freedoms for generations to come.

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