Who is Mary Mayhew?

Mary Mayhew resigned from her position at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just a few months after she was appointed by Trump. Before her brief stint with the Trump-Pence administration, she served as Maine’s commissioner of Health and Human Services — where she spent years working to dismantle the state’s Medicaid program. Her restructuring of the state’s Medicaid program had devastating health consequences for women and families.

At HHS, Mayhew was expected to take the same ax to the federal Medicaid program. That would endanger coverage for millions of women, who make up a majority of adult Medicaid beneficiaries and who rely on Medicaid for birth control, maternity care, cancer screenings long-term services and other essential care. Mayhew’s appointment was part of the Trump-Pence administration's pattern of installing leaders dedicated to gutting the programs they’re charged with overseeing.

[Mayhew] destroyed Medicaid in Maine. [Now], she will destroy it in the whole country.

Dr. Cathleen London

Maine family physician

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HHS is charged with protecting the health of all Americans. The Trump-Pence administration has reshaped HHS to roll back reproductive rights and limit access to health care.

Here's what Mayhew controlled

Here's what Mayhew controlled
Here's what Mayhew controlled