Who is Diane Foley?

Diane Foley has a long history of opposing sex education and access to abortion. She oversees Title X, the nation’s program that ensures every person has access to affordable birth control and reproductive care. Foley has final say on which health care providers — including Planned Parenthood — get funding through Title X.

[T]he destruction of conceived human life — whether embryonic, fetal, or viable — is a direct attack on the unique act of God’s [sic].

Diane Foley

Deputy Assisatnt Secretary of Population Affairs

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HHS is charged with protecting the health of all Americans. The Trump-Pence administration has slowly reshaped HHS to roll back reproductive rights and limit access to health care.

Here's what Foley controls

Here's what Foley controls
Here's what Foley controls