Who is Valerie Huber?

A staunch advocate of abstinence-only education, Valerie Huber has made large-scale efforts to prevent young people from accessing and getting information about sexual and reproductive health.

After several positions at HHS — including a stint steering HHS’s family planning funds — in January 2019 the administration moved Huber to its Office of Global Affairs, which coordinates diplomacy and related efforts on health with other countries. In her current role, Huber is expected to censor information about reproductive health and sex education out of HHS’s global print and online materials, and push to remove these topics in international health and human rights documents.

Abstinence education is a great way to get to the end of abortion in our lifetime.

Valerie Huber

Senior Policy Advisor at the HHS Office of Global Affairs

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HHS is charged with protecting the health of all Americans, including through promoting global health security and diplomacy. The Trump-Pence administration has slowly reshaped HHS to roll back reproductive rights and limit access to health care.

Here's what Huber controls

Here's what Huber controls
Here's what Huber controls