The administration’s immigration crackdown has harmed pregnant women

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) used to have limits on detaining pregnant immigrants, which almost always required releasing them on bond or under supervision. The Trump-Pence administration, however, has a “zero tolerance” policy, which aims to prosecute every person crossing the border. Now the has expanded its power to detain pregnant immigrants — including those seeking asylum.

ICE officials are detaining immigrant women in their third trimester of pregnancy — even though official policy discourages it.

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This is having devastating effects on detained women and their families

In the four months after the policy took effect, the number of pregnant women in detention rose to 506 — nearly double what it was in the previous four months.

My soul aches that there are many pregnant women coming [to America] who could lose their babies like I did.

Asylum-seeker who had a miscarriage in detention

Fleeing from El Salvador

Who’s Behind Policies to Detain Pregnant Immigrants?

These key players are working to detain pregnant immigrants.

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