Refusal laws give health care workers the authority to deny care based on personal beliefs

Under the Trump-Pence administration’s refusal policies, health care workers in the U.S. and around the globe can refuse to provide services they personally object to, including birth control, abortion, sterilization, hormone therapy, and HPV vaccines. There are no protections for patients, not even in an emergency.

A patient could be denied birth control simply because their pharmacist or doctor believes birth control is wrong.

Refusals can be used to deny care to anyone across the country and around the world.

A patient might not learn that their provider has personal objections to certain health care services until after they've been denied care, placing their health at risk.

My life was saved by an abortion. I live in a hugely religious town. [If] the nurses treating me had refused care to me, I would have died.



Who's behind discriminatory refusal laws?

These key players are working to grant health care workers a license to discriminate.

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