The administration is advocating to define gender as being binary, unchangeable, and determined by one’s genitals at birth — regardless of how people identify

The proposed change could essentially erase all federal recognition of trans and nonbinary people, including the estimated 1.4 million Americans who don’t identify as the gender on their birth certificate. Without accurate legal identification, a person would have difficulty opening a bank account, starting a new job, enrolling in college, applying for Medicaid, renting a house, or freely traveling. Losing civil rights protections would open them up to greater discrimination in all areas of their lives. It would also prevent them from accessing a range of services.

70% of transgender and gender-nonconforming people say they’ve faced serious discrimination in health care overall.

Lambda Legal

Every person — no matter their gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation — deserves equality under the law.

Doctors and leading medical groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, point to extreme harm that the Trump-Pence administration’s definition of gender could cause. Erasing transgender and nonbinary people’s federal recognition would take away their civil rights protections and could cause deep psychological distress. These consequences fall hardest on trans people of color, who already face systemic racism.

As a person of color, I am sick of seeing my trans siblings being assaulted and murdered. It’s time we recognize them and their gender. It’s time to end the violence toward trans people.

Justin Jones

HRC Foundation Youth Ambassador